Our approach

All our interventions in companies (coaching, advice and training) are offered from an integrative and relational coaching posture which puts relationships at the heart of all our support.
The relationship is at the heart of this method:
The presence of the coach and the process are more important than the content. To address the issue, it is essential that the coaches can harmonise with the client and get involved in order to create a secure relationship and ensure that it is maintained throughout the support.

“Economics that disregard moral and sentimental considerations are like wax works that, being life-like, still lack the life of the living flesh.”


Our values


Welcoming, sharing and being open-minded are values at the heart of the humanism we advocate.


We are committed to continuous improvement of our practices through training, supervision and personal work. We adhere to the IIPA and Syntec code of ethics.


We work with you, listen to your needs, and make your issues our priority to support your ambitions and your development with care and high standards.

Our ethics

Our team is dynamic, open and

The common identity that we share through our values: humanism, professionalism, performance, through operational experience and training in integrative coaching, give meaning and precious direction to our work. All the coaches on our team are committed to:
Adhere to the IIEP and Syntec code of ethics
Be supervised and do personal work
Train regularly to constantly improve their practices Respect confidentiality
Be caring and congruent

Georges Botet Pradeilles: The firm’s supervisor

Doctorate in psychology in 1981 (operational, psycho pathological and psychoanalytic approach to cognitive processes).
Psychologist then Director of special institutes.
Honorary President of the Institute of Psychoanalysis and Management.
Associate member of the European Psychoanalytic Association Nicolas Abraham and Maria Torok.
Author of books and articles on the position of the individual, often alone, having to face the current social transformations of the professional and the intimate.
“We keep promising personal and entrepreneurial success and people’s development through formalised “recipes” and the use of the most famous tools. Axing offers local, personalised or collective support for employees, executives and managers. The aim of our multidisciplinary approach is to achieve better “constructive” convergent reflection between the “employing” bodies and the people or groups supported. The expected benefit will certainly be operational, because pertinent support brings boost, but it also comes (and ultimately!) under this shared interest in the common work which is a determining factor in the success of any human endeavour.”